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About YR Industries Pte Ltd

YR Industries Pte Ltd (YRI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) that provides Food & Business Solutions (FBS), laundry and linen management services (Linen) and transitional residential programme at its Selarang Halfway House (SHWH).

  • Food & Business Solutions

    YRI Food & Business Solutions Division manages three business units within Changi Prison Complex (CPC). The strategic business units are:

    • Business Outsourcing

      YRI Business Outsourcing unit works closely with local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to undertake sub-contracting jobs such as post-print production, data entry services, sub-assembly and quality inspection.

    • Bakery

      YRI Bakery manufactures sandwich loaves and artisanal products. As a Halal-certified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), it supplies bakery products to external customers which include hospitals, airlines, restaurants and retail bakeries. The Bakery had been awarded Grade ‘A’ by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) since 2008. The Bakery is also HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified.

    • Kitchen

      The Central Kitchens managed by YRI provide meals for incarcerated inmates as well as personnel working inside prison. All Kitchens had been awarded Grade ‘A’ by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and is Halal certified.

  • Linen

    YRI has two purpose-built laundries located at Changi Prison Complex and at Loyang Way. Both laundries operate 365 days a year, to provide a unique and unparalleled total linen management services to its customers. Laundry processes are robust and in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, and also adhere to the Australian/New Zealand Standard Laundry Practice (AS/NZS 4146:2000).

    Commercial Laundry Services

    YRI has extensive experience supporting the healthcare industry, providing laundry services for ward and operating theatre linen, ensuring compliance with infection control and accreditation standards. Hospitality laundry services include room linen, F&B linen, staff uniform and guest laundry.

    Linen Hire Services

    YRI sources for and supplies brand new linen at competitive prices so that its customers can reduce their setup costs of purchasing new linen. These linen cycles back to the laundries after use; where they will be sorted, cleaned, dried, folded or ironed before being returned to customers.

    Linen Management System

    YRI also provides the latest RFID technology to help customers manage their linen inventory.

  • Selarang Halfway House

    Managed under YR Industries Pte Ltd, Selarang Halfway House (SHWH) is a secular residential, step-down facility set up to offer a transitional residential programme as part of the Mandatory Aftercare Scheme (MAS). SHWH commenced operations since January 2017.

    Adopting a multi-pronged approach anchored upon relevant theories and evidenced-based practices, SHWH aims to provide appropriate supervision, and facilitate the gradual reintegration of its residents by easing their transition from prison to community. Through its regime and programmes, SHWH focuses on strengthening key reintegration factors such as accommodation, employment, family and social support, and pro-social leisure and recreation. SHWH hopes to prevent re-offending by developing relapse prevention plans with these ex-offenders in a realistic community setting.