Generic Skills

Yellow Ribbon Singapore ensures that the skills taught are easily transferable so that they can be applied to a variety of jobs.

Generic skills are the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable inmates to thrive in any workplace, across diverse industries upon release.

Industry Skills Training

Yellow Ribbon Singapore aligns our training with Singapore’s Skills Framework to ensure relevance to the workforce and the global digitalised economy.

We provide an array of industry and emerging skills training to inmates. This equips them with the relevant skills to re-join the workforce and deepen their skills after their release.


Skills Training in the Community 

Ex-offenders are encouraged to continue upskilling themselves before they start their work and inculcate a lifelong learning mindset.

Introduced in 2021, skills training in the community under the Community Based Programme enables inmates and ex-offenders to continuously upgrade their skills and deepen their knowledge in their selected fields. Skills training in the community is conducted alongside other students who are members of public.