Yellow Ribbon Scheme of Service

At YRSG, we believe in nurturing our officers and maximising their potential to thrive in the reintegration and aftercare sector. You will be appointed on the Yellow Ribbon Scheme of Service. Under this scheme, officers will have the opportunity to be rotated to different areas of work for diverse exposure. The wide exposure and professional development opportunities will enable you to have ONE CAREER, MANY PATHWAYS with us and allow you to have a purposeful and rewarding career in YRSG. 

Job Rotation

Reintegration Group


  • Raise public awareness on needs and challenges faced by ex-offenders and their families.
  • Coordinate partners’ efforts and enhance service delivery in the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders.
  • Rally support and co-create opportunities with community partners and like-minded individuals to enable ex-offenders’ successful reintegration and contribution back to the society.


  • Build relationships with like-minded partners to prepare ex-offenders for reintegration into the national workforce.
  • Partner the business community to ensure work is readily available for inmates and ex-offenders.
  • Create greater awareness through coverage of YRSG’s works and ex-offenders’ journey in mainstream and social media.


  • Provide skills training and assessment to equip inmates and ex-offenders with industry-relevant training aligned with Singapore’s Skills Framework.
  • Partner private enterprises under the Private Partnership Scheme in running their business operations in prisons to provide work-training opportunities to inmates. 


  • Provide job placement  to match inmates and ex-offenders with the right jobs.
  • Provide case management services to ex-offenders who have successfully secured a job and help them to stabilise and cope at work.
Corporate Development Group


  • Corporate Planning - Guide the strategic plans for YRSG through workplan, budget and KPI evaluation and monitoring.
  • Organisational Development (OD) - Promote organisation culture and values, innovation and enterprise and service excellence. OD is also responsible for good knowledge management within the organisation.
  • Staff Communications and Engagement
  • Technology - Deploy IT systems and provide IT support to enable YRSG’s operations and drive our digital transformation.

Corporate Services@YR

Finance and Administration, including:

  • Financial accounting, operations (including payroll processing) and reporting.
  • Administration support in terms of procurement and administrative functions.


Full suite of HR related matters:

  • HR planning and policies
  • Attract e.g. recruitment, employer branding
  • Develop e.g. training, career development, talent development and management, performance management
  • Engage e.g. supervisors, officers and union
  • Transit e.g. voluntary and involuntary exit, retirement


  • Internal Audit - Develop, monitor and execute annual audit plans that assess compliance, process weaknesses, enhance effectiveness and efficiencies in work processes.
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Develop, implement and maintain an Enterprise Risk Management Framework for YRSG to provide assurance that risk management, control and governance systems are robust and effective to support YRSG’s ISO45001:2018 and bizSAFE Star certifications.

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Compensation and Benefits

We offer a competitive salary structure and attractive benefits to ensure that officers have a fulfilling and rewarding career with us.

Benefits and Welfare

  • Wide range of leave including marriage, maternity, paternity, childcare, parent-care, examination and birthday off
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Annual health screening
  • Marriage and newborn gift
  • Long service and retirement award
  • Flexible benefit scheme
  • Flexible working hours

Recreational Activities

  • Corporate events e.g. staff appreciation night, festive celebration, family day
  • Sports hour
  • Gym and sports facilities
  • Corporate cards to local attractions

Developmental Opportunities

We ensure that our officers acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their job effectively and provide exposure in various aspects of work to support officers’ career development.


We ensure that our officers acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their job effectively. Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) has a comprehensive learning plan for officers which covers the following areas:

  • Corporate training based on YRSG’s corporate goals and objectives of the year
  • Leadership development and supervisory skills training
  • Competency-based training
  • Learning and sharing sessions
  • Long service and retirement award
  • Specialised training
  • Overseas trips

Career Development

Yellow Ribbon Singapore officers have the opportunity to rotate to different job functions. In addition, they are given resources to assess their own developmental needs and build their personal career plans.


Yellow Ribbon Singapore also offers sponsorship to eligible officers who are committed to upgrading themselves in their part-time degree or graduate diploma studies.

Join Our Team

We care about our staff as they are Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG)’s most valuable asset. YRSG staff play a critical role in building our strong organisation culture which contributes to our success.  

We provide a meaningful career in line with our mission and vision

  • On-boarding programme
  • Cross functional committees
  • Job rotation
  • Special projects
  • Mentoring
  • Career coaching
YRSG Pie Chart

Staff’s views are consulted so that they have more ownership and involvement

  • Staff engagement sessions
  • Townhalls
  • Polls and pulse surveys

We encourage our staff to achieve work life balance so that they will have a fulfilling journey with us

  • Staff welfare benefits
  • WOG counselling hotline
  • Care4U resources

We offer developmental opportunities to draw out your strengths and develop you holistically into a well-rounded individual

  • Annual development plan
  • 6-monthly performance review
  • Protected learning and reflection days
  • Sponsorship and awards
  • 360-degree feedback

If you share our passion in advocating for the Yellow Ribbon cause, we welcome you to join our team of officers, dedicated to empowering ex-offenders to look beyond their past and create better futures for themselves and their families.

Careers at YRSG

Be part of the YRSG family. Together, we champion the Yellow Ribbon cause and inspire collective action for a more inclusive and safer Singapore.

Explore available positions in YRSG by visiting Careers@Gov at and submit your application here.

Internships at YRSG

If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree or diploma in a university or polytechnic, you are welcome to apply by sending your CV, the areas you are keen to intern in and available periods for internship to

You can also check for current internship openings in YRSG by visiting Careers@Gov at and submit your application here.