For Inmates, Ex-offenders and Partners 

TAP & Grow, Grow Movement and YR Sandbox

We adopt a seamless approach in preparing and helping ex-offenders rejoin the national workforce. By galvanising the community, we uplift ex-offenders through skills and career development.

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For Inmates and Ex-offenders

Lifelong Learning and Skills Deepening

We provide inmates and ex-offenders with jobs-skills integration into their preferred career pathways and equip them with industry-relevant training aligned with Singapore’s Skills Framework.

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For Partners

Private Sector Partnerships

We work with private enterprises to offer work opportunities to inmates that upskill and enhance their employability. This forms part of their reintegration journey, which begins during incarceration.

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For Inmates and Ex-offenders

Long-term Career Development and Mobility 

Through our structured career programmes, inmates gain a renewed career direction as they identify their strengths, career suitability, visualise potential work challenges that they might encounter and prepare to overcome these challenges. Nearer their date of release, inmates are matched with available jobs that fulfil their needs and career aspirations.

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Provide ex-offenders with second chances through career opportunities. Join as a Yellow Ribbon Singapore partner employer to list your vacancies in our job portal.

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Partner Yellow Ribbon Singapore to give inmates opportunities to develop essential employability skills before they are released.

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Are you an ex-offender who needs help with finding a job? Visit our job portal to browse all available jobs or contact our Career Services Unit.