What Is PREP?

The Partners’ Repository and Engagement Platform, or PREP, is a one-stop resource platform for employers and job seekers.

PREP displays jobs posted by YRSG partner employers on the national job portal, MyCareersFuture (MCF). Users can enjoy:

  • Time savings: With job posting, search and application centralised on MCF, the need for users to access multiple platforms is removed.

  • More features: In addition to the available PREP functions, users can take advantage of MCF’s powerful functions such as job matching, suggesting potential candidates, and resume checker, for a better hiring experience.

  • Greater outreach: PREP is accessible by members of public. Employers can look forward to higher viewership for their job positions and visibility as being an inclusive organisation, while job seekers have more job choices.

Curated resources will be available soon to enhance the hiring experience for all users.

Click here to access the job portal: https://www.yellowribbon.gov.sg/prep/find-jobs

How PREP Works?

Download the PREP Navigation Guide to familiarise yourself with its features. This guide will be updated when there are enhancements.



What is the process for hiring ex-offenders with the implementation of PREP?

If the job seeker has applied directly via MyCareersFuture (MCF), you may liaise with the applicant as per any job applications without going through YRSG.

A YRSG officer would liaise with you on the hiring for inmates to be released and ex-offenders case-managed by us. Kindly refer to Employer Employer Handbook and FAQ for the detailed information on the hiring process.

I do not have a MCF account, can I post directly on PREP?

PREP is a repository platform where you can find jobs and employment related information. Employers are not able to post jobs directly on PREP. For jobs to appear on PREP, employers are required to:

  • Register as a YRSG partner employer. Click here for the criteria and steps for registration; and

  • Register and post jobs on MCF. These jobs will be reflected on PREP after a daily refresh. You may refer to this link (Corpass Help | MyCareersFuture Employer) for the steps of setting up access for MCF Employer Portal.

How long will the jobs take to appear on PREP once it is posted on MCF?

It will take one working day for the job postings to be reflected on PREP.

How long will the job posting be viewable on PREP?

Job postings will be removed when they expire on the MCF platform. Employers are encouraged to continue posting the job position to attract applicants and keep track of their job posting’s expiry dates.

I have received a job application via MCF. May I clarify the applicant’s details with YRSG?

YRSG encourages all employers to adopt inclusive hiring practices. This includes providing equal opportunities to ex-offenders who have met the job requirements. While YRSG encourages ex-offenders to be upfront about their status, employers are advised to enquire about this only if the job position requires security clearance.

You and the job seeker may learn more about each other as part of the interview process.

Are there any resources for employers?

Please access our website for a curated list of resources.

How can I provide feedback about PREP?

Please fill in this form. We aim to reply to you within three working days.

Jobs Seekers

How do I apply for the jobs posted on PREP? Will I be able to contact the employers directly?
  • Navigate to the “Find Jobs” page to search for jobs that interest you.

  • You will be redirected to the MCF job page when you click on the “Find Out More” hyperlink. You can view more details on the page.

  • To apply for the job, you will be required to login to the MCF Portal using Singpass. Do upload your resume, indicate your skillsets and educational level for a better job search experience. You may also refer to the following article on Creating Resumes.

Alternatively, you may contact the employer directly if the contact information is indicated in the job positing.

Will I need to inform the employer that I am an ex-offender?

YRSG advises job seekers to be truthful when applying for jobs. This includes informing employers of your ex-offender status. If you face any difficulties during the application or hiring process, please reach out to us or one of our social service agencies for assistance.

How can I be assured that employers will consider me fairly when applying for jobs?

Employers who have partnered with YRSG have agreed to consider all job seekers, regardless of status, on a fair and equitable basis.

If you would like to feedback about a situation, please contact us via this email.

Alternatively, if the job posting is on MCF, you may click on this link directly or contact Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) at 6838 0969.

What resources can I refer to when applying for jobs?

You may click on this link MyCareersFuture | Job Hunting Tips & Career Advice For Singaporeans for resources such as career guidance, advisory and tips.

Does YRSG provide any career assistance?

YRSG provides assistance to walk-in candidates who require career support. You may refer to the link for more information. Alternatively, you may to fill up this online form and we will contact you shortly.