Our Vision

An inclusive society, a nation beyond second chances

Our Mission

We galvanise society to uplift ex-offenders through skills and career development, co-creating opportunities for their successful reintegration and contribution back to society.

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Why Go

Beyond Second Chances

Without second chances, a released inmate will leave the first physical prison and potentially enters a second social prison.

Even after they have committed to giving themselves a second chance and committed to turning over a new leaf, many ex-offenders face challenges on multiple fronts as issues around employment, accommodation and family reconciliation are deep seated and complex. It is therefore important to upskill inmates and ex-offenders and provide them with sustainable and good career opportunities. The community also plays a critical role to accept, embrace and reintegrate ex-offenders successfully.

Individuals, employers and organisations do not just offer second chances when they accept an ex-offender. In fact, their actions will inspire others, creating a chain reaction for a more inclusive and cohesive society. 

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However, ex-offenders are not mere recipients of second chances. When successfully reintegrated, they can pay it forward and actively give back to the community too.