TAP (Train and Place) & Grow Initiative

Yellow Ribbon Singapore piloted our TAP (Train and Place) & Grow initiative in 2019 to partner like-minded employers, trade associations, training institutions and community partners to establish training academies inside prison. This allows inmates to undergo industry-specific training, develop the requisite skills to secure jobs in relevant industries and grow in their new careers upon release. TAP & Grow has been launched in the Precision Engineering, Media, and Logistics, and Food Services sectors. Courses include:

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Precision Engineering
  • Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Content Creation
  • Diploma in Media (Content Production and Management) – Assistant Director (DMAD)
  • Certificate in Logistics Operations
  • WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts)

Grow Movement

Grow Movement is the expansion of TAP & Grow, to encourage well-performing ex-offenders and their employers to continue lifelong learning and upskilling efforts. Under this movement, trade associations and employers will co-sponsor career development courses and qualifications for ex-offenders who have stabilised on the job and demonstrated potential to grow. This will support them in progressing the skills pathway developed under TAP & Grow, or SkillsFuture Singapore. 


YR Sandbox

YR Sandbox is a new alternate pathway that complements the TAP & Grow initiative. Focusing on the development of new career options in emerging sectors, YR Sandbox emphasises on new partnerships with industry stakeholders to offer training and induction programmes for ex-offenders. In future, skilled sectors such as Digital, Built Environment (BE) and Agritech could see ex-offenders as part of their workforce, with adequate support to help them reskill or upskill to take on the new roles.