Yellow Ribbon Singapore (YRSG) recognises that work experience is an integral element in the rehabilitative process of offenders’ journey to reintegration.

Work programme for inmates is administered through commercially-run business units within prisons. It aims to cultivate positive work ethics, impart market-relevant skills and develop teamwork and communication skills for their eventual reintegration into Singapore workforce as productive and contributing citizens.

Work programme is implemented through the Private Partnership Scheme (PPS) and YRSG’s subsidiary, YR Industries Pte Ltd.

Private Partnership Scheme (PPS)

YRSG leases workshop spaces in prisons to private sector under the PPS. These private firms set up factories within prisons and provide management, supervision, equipment and technical expertise while YRSG and Singapore Prison Service manage the rehabilitation and discipline of the offenders. YRSG work with these private firms to provide training to the inmates so that they can learn on the job and learn from the workshop supervisors.