YR Awards

The inaugural Yellow Ribbon Awards 2021 is a new award ceremony which combines various Yellow Ribbon related events into one big mega event. It celebrates the community’s successes in shaping a more compassionate society. Themed “We Are Each Other’s Second Chances”, the event recognises individuals and organisations in celebration of their journeys of success, collaborations and second chances.

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run was started in 2009 as part of the Yellow Ribbon Project’s (YRP) drive to reach out to the wider community. The Run has garnered strong support from corporations and the public through their participation in the run and donations to the Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF). The YRF supports rehabilitation programmes for inmates, ex-offenders, their families and children. The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is held annually in the month of September, and has since became our signature event. Click here to register for this year's Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.

Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition

The annual Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition functions as a meaningful platform for inmate artists to express their hopes, dreams and aspirations through contemporary artworks. The exhibition encourages inmates to showcase their artistic talents to the larger community with the hope of building closer ties among inmates, ex-offenders, and the community. The exhibition may also feature special family and inmate joint art sculptures, as well as artworks by ex-offender artists. Art programmes in the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) are advocated as a key component in our rehabilitative efforts, where the focus on skills training and mindset change plays an integral role in inmate’s rehabilitation and reintegration back into society.

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