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CARE Network Logo (New)

The Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network is an alliance of various Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and Government Organisations dedicated to community engagement, coordination of aftercare efforts and enhancing service delivery for ex-offenders and their families.

Our Objectives & Responsibilities

  • Set guidelines and directions for the provision of comprehensive aftercare support for ex-offenders and their families
  • Coordinate, synergise and reduce duplication in partners’ efforts to provide a seamless transition from incare to aftercare
  • Raise public awareness on the rehabilitative process and the needs and problems faced by ex-offenders and their families
  • Identify and recommend funding to support the relevant aftercare programmes/services and the development of new, innovative initiatives

Our Vision

  • Hope, Confidence and Opportunities for Ex-offenders

Our Logo

     CARE Network Logo (New)

The concept behind CARE Network’s logo is "turning over a new leaf". This concept was also reflected in the theme for the launch of CARE Network – "Fresh Starts".

The green leaf represents ex-offenders, reflecting their willingness, strength and courage to face society. The red leaf represents the support of various agencies to help ex-offenders overcome their problems and reintegrate into society. Between the two leaves, the figure with outstretched arms represents society as a whole, and depicts the acceptance and support demonstrated towards ex-offenders. The heart shaped leaf is chosen to depict love, which is the basic underlying motivation of the various aftercare agencies coming together and working as a team to help ex-offenders.

In commemoration of CARE Network’s 20th Anniversary, we embarked on a review of our role, purpose and future direction. For more information on our upcoming plans, you may download our Digital Publication here.

For information on available resources and helplines for offenders, please download this brochure*.

For information on help and resources available during COVID-19, please download this brochure.

To access MSF’s online Directory of Schemes and Services provided by Community Organisations, please visit

* The list of SSAs is not exhaustive. Information is correct at the time of printing (Dec 2019)